JJ Blood Orange


ABV: 35%

Citrus flavoured mixed drinks and cocktails are one of the most sought after flavours by consumers. JJ Blood Orange provides a refreshing citrus taste that works wonderfully in a variety of serves, from simple vodka & mixer  to inspirational cocktails.

Available in 70cl, 1L

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Tasting Notes:

This vodka has a hit of Mediterranean summer orange on the nose, with flavours of candied orange marmalade, infused with subtle earthy undertones of liquorice root and the warming spice of cassia  bark. Finished with herbaceous piney juniper notes, complemented by summer citrus.

Simple Serve:

Orange V&T

50ml JJ Blood Orange

150ml Tonic Water

Orange Wedge

Method: Build all ingredients in a highball glass and garnish with  orange wedge.